Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Back

I know....I didn't post when I said I would. First, I want to clear up a couple of things....I, Vera post for the blog, my Dad, H.T. has been writing for the blog. He is not much on typing or working with computers, so I do that for him. Sometimes I refer to I as him and sometimes it is me. (Is that about as clear as mud)? :o) Anyway, I, Vera am the one that went to the Equine Affair in Columbus, OH, Dad and the rest of the gang went to NC to the first UMH show of the season. Both places were very successful. I hope everyone has signed onto Mary's blog. It is real interesting and she has already told everyone about the show. Our farm took some really nice horses and many ribbons came back home. S.T. won the Classic and Park Championships. :o)

Heather and I had a good time, talking and talking. Since that is what breed fairs are all about, we did our share. We met many nice people and hope we shared good information about the Mountain Horse breeds. I am posting a picture of our booth. I hope to some day soon, sponsor a fund raiser that will bring in enough money to be able to purchase a professional booth for the United Mountain Horse Assoc. It would be great to have something that is easy to transport and easy to set up, and looks professional. This is such a wonderful horse, and I want to be able to share it with everyone catching their eye is the (mane thang).

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marifranie said...

Thanks for clearing that up Vera. You know I was one of the confused ones. Thanks for your positive comments on my blog. It means more to me than you know.

I like yours, I mean H Ts, I mean who evers too. I learn a lot from the blogs and from my time at your farm.

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