Saturday, May 23, 2009

Total Horse Makeover Part 2

It is hard to show you the big difference in a well groomed horse and a horse that has been left in the unkept state through photos. Just know that in the show ring, parades, photo shoots, or having the prettiest horse on the trails, following these small tips will make you so much prouder of your horse. I have been in the show ring with horses that still have sawdust in their tails, whiskers and ear hairs, with manure stains on their hips, and tack that has not been cleaned. Then I hear them saying as we exit the ring that the judge did not even look at their horse. If you expect a judge to take a second look at your horse you must make them want to. It is not hard to give the over all appearance that is appeling to anyone looking at your horse. While it does take a little time, that is what horse showing is all about. Take the time to add that little bit of edge that will send you to the winner's circle. Don't forget yourself. In the show ring you do not want to distract from your horse by presenting a sloppy, unkept self. Your apperal must be clean and pressed, your boots shined, hat clean, tie properly tied, hair neatly groomed. Stand or set correctly, with shoulders back and head up, telling the judge (through your body language) you have something you are proud to be presenting. My husband tells me to take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. This is another horse Vickie worked with, we wanted you to see the difference in her also.

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