Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Mexican Horse

I am sorry to tell you, but… I am in sunny Baja California, Mexico, away from the snow, ice, and cold! Larry and I left all of that behind, packed our bags and headed south. I am so thankful, to have the family that I feel comfortable leaving in charge during the coldest part of the winter. I am sorry they can’t all come with me, but maybe their day will come soon enough when they can leave all their worries behind for a little while. Even though I am a fair weather rider, I still miss seeing horses everywhere I look. I can’t believe how much I have them in my life until I leave them. The bright side is our neighbor has a horse and he is pastured right on the other side of the fence along with a big gelding and a burrow. He is the typical “Mexican Horse”, bay, with socks and a big white question mark on his forehead and down his nose. My neighbor Bobbie bought his mother, and rode her around the neighborhood and along the beach not knowing all the while she was pregnant until she started dripping milk. Low and behold a few days later a foal was standing by her side. Well, I am sure this is not unusual, because most of the horses down here run loose along with all the other farm animals. You don’t fence to keep your livestock in, but to keep everyone else’s out. Because of the big question mark and the unknown identity of the sire of course there were all kinds of suggestions for names, like Who’s Your Daddy, and Joker…but Bobbie thought she had hit the jack pot, so that is his name J.P. for short. He is just a year old but Bobbie has started working with him from the ground and he has excellent manners. I do feel sorry for the folks that have never rode a gaited horse. You just don’t know what a “comfortable ride” is. I am talking “rocking chair comfortable.” At any rate, I get my “horse fix” by seeing and hearing a horse just across the fence, it keeps my thoughts close to home.


Home Fried said...

I'm jealous! Must be nice sitting around enjoying the sunshine....lol....hope to see you soon.

marifranie said...

I would love to be out of the cold but I don't know what I would do without a lot of horses around. We really do miss you and Larry. But I am so happy you are able to go to warmer weather. And to get Larry in better health.

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