Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Celebration

Whew! We just finished the UMH Summer Celebration at the Kentucky Equestrian Facility in Winchester, KY. While Kentucky has had an unusually cool winter, summer came back with a vengeance. It was very hot yesterday and today is even worse. The show started at 1:00 with lots of classes. It was a very long day, but the classes were big and the quality of horses was wonderful, so staying interested in the show was easy. We received our share of blues, but of course would like to have a few more. S.T. seemed to be stuck on second. We walked out of the Pro-Am class with a second and I laughed at him and said, "well, it looks like you are always the bridesmaid and never the bride". Sure enough the show seemed to continue right on with several seconds. He did receive a first with Mary's filly Flair For Fury. This is the second straight blue she has gotten. She has really grown into herself and is even more beautiful with every passing week. We are recouping today, and hope to feel like getting back to work tomorrow. We are hosting the annual Farmer's Banker's Field Day this year for the county. Then is will be a concentration on the World Show. It has been a very busy summer and I don't look for it to let up until the end of September. I hope to be able to start writing some more training tips for you. Dad has been feeling pretty good these days, so he has not been spending as many hours in the house, so he has not written anything for awhile. Keeping checking we will be back up to par soon. I hope to see everyone at the World Show, I think it will be a good one!

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marifranie said...

It was a good show. I was so proud of the way my horses performed under the guidance of the Van Bert Trainers. Jamie was fantastic with Melissa. He has Rockin Andi coming along nicely for a two year old and as always S T has my two yearlings looking great in the show ring.

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