Friday, November 27, 2009

Massachusetts Equine Affair

We just returned from the Massachusetts Equine Affair, where we spent 4 days spreading information about the Mountain Horses. Mike Charles and Adriane Esquivo were the sponsors this year for the United Mountain Horse Booth and were responsible for the really nice presentation of the Mountain Horse demo. Their objection was to show the versatility of the Mountain Horses. In the short time that we are given they were able to show the horses going through obstacles, jumping, cantering, showing in western, and english, a cart and even had a beautiful yearling doing all the obstacles. I want to say thank you to Mike and Adriane for all the hard work, money spent, and dedication in showing and educating the public about the Mountain Horses. I hope each of you are thinking of ways to promote the horses in your area and I hope you will volunteer for some of the committees and get involved in keeping the Mountain Horses in the for- front of the pleasure breeds.

S.T. was a competitor in the Versatile Horse Race. He exhibited V.B.F. Diamond Venture and did very well. He did not make it to the Championships, but out of 30 exhibitors he placed 14th. Once you consider he was riding a 3 year old stallion that makes him move right on up to the front in my eyes. (Of course I'm his mother and may be just a little prejudice :0) The competitors this year were top of the line and really made you want to go home start to work on those trail horses.

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