Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where Are The Frenchmen

I finally heard from Augustine and Marc (the Frenchmen that have set out on a ride across the United States from Kentucky). Guess where they are? South Dakota, close to Mount Rushmore! They are suppose to be sending me pictures of them at Mount Rushmore when they get there. They have not been in touch for awhile because they have not been close to electric in order to charge their phone. They said the horses are doing fine and Augustine and Marc are also doing good. I asked them if they were eating enough, because they packed so light. There main food was going to be rice. They decided it was a very versatile food and could be flavored any way or eaten plain. As soon as I get pictures in, I will post them.

On a different note...we have been very busy preparing for the World Show and are very eager to meet the competition and meet our friends. Many people have worked very hard to make this a grand show, celebrating the 10th anniversary of United Mountain Horse. I was at the Kentucky Equestrian Facility today. Everything is looking good and lots of work has been done mowing, cleaning and preparing for the crowd. Don't forget the Bluegrass Concert on Thursday evening after the show. Daily and Vincent is a many award winning Bluegrass group. So come by and spend the evening enjoying fine horses and good music.

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