Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They Love You Indiana

Larry talked with Marc and Augustin last evening. Since we were at the show in Tennessee over the weekend, we did not get a chance to stop long enough to give them a call, so we were anxious to hear how they were. Augustin said they were still in Evansville, IN. It seems that one of the horses got tangled in a line they were using to tie them with and received some rope burns on his legs. They have decided to stay until he is healed enough to travel without aggravating it further. They have ridden through the rain and storms and have suffered through some grueling heat, but they are still going. They are really impressed with how "horsey" people are so eager to help them and how everyone is ready to cheer them on. Well, of course we would like to see anyone succeed if they are doing it on horses!

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