Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Part 3 of Starting Your Foal

How do I remove the foal from the mare without the mare or foal going crazy on me? That question is asked very often, so I will let you know how we start doing this. In the beginning, after we get a halter on the foal someone will lead the mare and someone will lead the foal. Basically, the foal is just following the mother and we are just following the mare, along side the foal. You need to stay in step with the foal, walking along side of his/her shoulder. This is the safest place for you, and should be a consistant part of the foals training. Always keep the foal between you and the mare. The mare will not kick her baby, but you are fair game. After we have done this for a few days and we have gotten the mare and foal accustomed to us, we will confine the mare in a stall or paddock that is safe and one that she is not able to push her way through. We walk the foal far enough away that she will not be able to hear the foal call for her. This is a good time to give the mare some hay to keep her busy while we are gone. If you will loop a long lead rope around the rump of the foal, it will give you a little more leverage to urge the foal forward. When you pull on the halter and get resistance you will also be able to pull the "rump rope" and this will give her a nudge to move forward.

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