Monday, July 12, 2010

Evansville, IN ...they are in your area

I talked with Marcus last evening. They were close to Evansville, Indiana (by car that is close to 235 miles) and were doing fine. They had stopped in a nice field, were setting up camp while the horses grazed. He said the horses were doing well and he and Augustine were also fine. They were worried about the weather, it looked as if a storm was coming up. They do not have much for shelter, just a small tent and bed rolls, so that worries me. I know they will be facing a lot of bad weather in one place or another in the coming months, I just hope they are able to find shelter when they need it. This is a big endeavor, but they have experience of doing this sort of thing. Several years ago they rode across Mongolia on Mongolian horses. They said the strong point of the Mongolian is the extended time they can go without water. The strong point about the Mountain horse is their smooth gait and their stamina.

Keep checking the blog, I will continue to post their progress.


songbird said...

I work at a post office in Evansville, IN and sold these 2 guys stamps for their postcards. I'm super intrigued at what they are attempting and would like to know if they are still in the area. (Evansville, IN). I would like to be posted of their progress. Thanks.

imacowgirl said...

Was in town today and saw the guys in Shoshone Idaho tonight. Guys and horses looked great, they put up for the night in a stable outside Shoshone. They are following the railroad. Didn't think anything of seeing two guys on horseback riding into town, we are a ranching community, but when I saw their tack, I knew it wasn't from here! Talked to them briefly before they headed to their stop for the night, was surprized to hear they came from Kentuck and headin for Oregan! Good luck to them, may they have good weather and happy trails!

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