Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking For Two Cute Frenchmen

I knew that title would catch your eye!:o)

A few weeks ago, we received a call from Augustin Blanchard. He explained his desire to ride from here to Oregon and was searching to buy two Mountain Horses for the journey. We told him we had several geldings to choose from, so he made the trip from New York to look at them. While he was here in Kentucky he visited several farms, but returned here and bought two nice geldings that we had on our website, Amigo Midnight and Blue Midnight. He left them in training with special instructions for us to prepare them for the trip.

Augustin returned with his long time friend Marcus Von Pelier, they spent 5 days here preparing for the trip and acclimating themselves to the HOT weather. There are no pack horses, there is no one meeting them on the trails. Everything they need is packed in a saddle bag and small bed role.

They left here and traveled to the UMH show grounds to overnight there. The next day they left and rode to the Clintonville area. From there they only went about 5 miles to FairWinds farm where they were able to spend the day letting the horses rest, graze, wash their cloths, and prepare once again for the next day ride. Their next destination was in the Georgetown area and then off to the Shelbyville area. They ran into a problem trying to cross the river, since they were not able to take the ferry. It took another day but they were finally able to find someone who would take them across to the Indiana side. They hope to hit the American Discovery Trail in St. Louis, and then later the Lewis and Clark Trail. Their goal is Portland, Oregon. I will keep you updated as they check in to the travels of this duo, but in the mean time, keep your eyes open for two cute Frenchmen on two beautiful Mountain Horses.

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