Friday, January 16, 2009

Mountain Horses and Winter

I hope all of you are remembering not just your horses, but all your outside animals this winter. It is so easy to stay indoors, stick our heads back under the covers and think all is well with our animals. I have already told you what I think about winter, but it is here and we must deal with it, and it does not seem to be going anywhere very fast. Remember to keep plenty of hay and water in front of your horses. If you don't have automatic heated waters, ice will need to be broken several times each day. Keep up the good work, everyone enjoys their horses and they totally depend on us for their every need.

In the next few days (until Dad gets a little rest) I want to bring in some things to think about before we start breeding your mares. Check back again tomorrow, for some helpful hints.

Coming to you from Sunny Kentucky (Susie) at a balmy 7 degrees! :o)

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morris said...

You've done a wonderful job. When it comes to excellence, I do not play games. This is good. I'll do everything I can to see that as many people as possible see it.


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