Wednesday, January 14, 2009

starting a young horse part 13

I was so excited to think we had gotten this far in such a short time. Reading this blog you may have thought it was going to take forever at the rate I was going, but look at where we are. This horse listens to what I am asking him to do, he responds to pressure, he leads quietly without walking ahead or behind me, he saddles while standing freely, he stands quietly while mounting and walks off when asked.

I led him to the round pen from the stall, (which he did like a pro) and went through the exercises. After a brief review of stopping, turning, following, and pressure points. I led him back to the barn and to the cross tie area. I gave him a few minutes to look around and see the "goings on" of the cross tie area, and then I started tacking him up. This horse stood there quietly like he had been through this dozens of times.

When I first started riding this horse, it was only with a halter and reins attached. I put a small driving bit in his mouth only after he understood turning left, right, and stopping (don't forget that). :o) Normally, I would not put a bit in his mouth until a equine dentist looked at him, but I knew the owner was not going to spend the money for this and I also knew my time with this horse was limited.

I led him to the center of the barn aisle and mounted him while he quietly stood there. I asked him to walk on and he slowly walked on. I then asked him to increase his speed and he accepted that also. At the end of the barn aisle, I asked him stop, turn and resume speed again. I could not believe where we were and where we started. I knew this time I would be ready for the owner when he came back to see his horse.

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