Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting a Young Horse Part 5

It took a little while for the horse to calm down from just having me in the pen with him, but once he understood that I was not asking for anything, he began to calm down and really look at me. I let him do this for a little while and then I asked him to move forward by tossing my lariat (as I mentioned in the other post.) Looking at his shoulder and pushing him forward, not enough for him to panic by running into the fence, but just enough to get his heart rate up. Once I saw him looking at me from the corner of his eye, I gave him the signal to switch directions (as talked about in the other post). We worked for about an hour on just switching directions only when I asked him to. Once he achieved this I wanted him to understand... that was all I was asking and we had achieved this. I stopped pushing him and just stood in the ring for a minute or two and then I walked out of the ring, letting him know that he had done what was asked and had done it well. You want to always quit on a good note. Try not to push for a little more once you have achieved your goal. Sometimes it is hard to stop, but after an hour of work you will loose it all, if you keep pushing for more. I was determined to take my time, so that I would not have to back up and start over.

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