Tuesday, January 13, 2009

starting a young horse part 12

Whew! I know... I am sorry for not posting yesterday. I have come to realize the weekends are not going to be posting days. Yesterday, I spent the whole day trying to download software that will allow me to edit and post movies. That will be fun! One of these days...coming soon...

O.K. I wanted to get this stallion out of the round pen and into a stall. It was time he learned all about the "barn life". I worked with him, with a lead, walking at his side (as we talked about in previous post). This seemed easy enough, but what if I take him out of the pen and on the way to the barn, he spooks and then I will have a stallion running loose on a farm with 100 brood mares. I have always felt good about the fact that I recognize my limitations. My request was two fold, I wanted someone else to be able to work with this horse and I wanted someone more experienced to take the chance of him getting loose :o) so I asked my Dad to work with him a little and lead him to the barn. I walked along beside him letting him know he was a good boy, and as I had hoped he never pulled, jumped, or lunged the first time. He went straight to the stall and walked with me into it like he had been in and out of it many times. I didn't want to just stop there, we went in and out about 4 times stopping and petting each time. This was a good day and I was happy. Tomorrow I would take him out and introduce him to the cross ties and a shower in the wash bay.

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