Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Starting a Young Horse Part 8

So, back to the round pen...except this time I wanted the horse to stop and come to me. We continued with what we had learned in the past with changing directions, stopping, turning and now... being more exaggerated in my request, by pulling him into me. He was a pretty quick study and got this rather quickly and I was able to have him come to me and follow me around the pen. Now, to put the halter on my be a little more than I bargained for, but if we had done this all right then it should be a snap...and it was! O.K. we have the halter on with a lead...I took the stick and rubbed on him with it instead of my hand, being sure to rub down the hind legs (which are always a little scary for me to do with my hand). By this time, he really trusted me and I him. We appreciated each other for what I was asking for and what he was giving me.

I know many of you are shaking your head and thinking why doesn't she just get on with it. Like I said this is not the way I would do this in a trainer's challenge, but then I don't like to hit the ground and I didn't want to push the horse further than what he was ready for, and I didn't want to fall back at any time.

At this time, we had worked on this for about 3 weeks. I had the horse standing freely in the middle of the ring allowing me to rub all over him on both sides, he has taken to his halter and I have been putting it on and taking it off every day, he is following me around the pen, he is yielding his front, rear and will back when asked. I am now able to pick up all of his feet for the farrier, we haven't used the clippers on his ears, but he will allow me to rub in and around them. He has accepted the saddle and is used to the stirrups clanking about. My next goal will be to go ahead and get up in the saddle, but I was not ready for the next coming event....

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